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Ethernet over Coax Switch with PoE Pass-Through
Ethernet over Coax Switch with PoE Pass-Through for PoE Powered IP Camera CCTV System over Coax
Ethernet over Coax Switch for Home Networking System over Coax
Ethernet over Coax Switch with PoE Pass-Through with four DECA-200 EoC Adapters
Ethernet over Coax Switch with PoE Pass-Through with four DECA-100 EoC Adapters
Two Ethernet over Coax Switches with Eight DECA-200 EoC Adapters
Ethernet over Coax Switch with four DECA-200 EoC Adapters

Ethernet-over-Coax Switch w/ PoE Pass-Through

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  • 8-port Ethernet switch capable of running Ethernet over coax cables
  • Including four RJ45 ports and four BNC ports
  • Compatible with 10/100Base-T Ethernet standard 
  • Supporting PoE pass-through over coax between two adjacent RJ45 and BNC ports, compatible with PoE (802.3af) and PoE+ (802.3at)
  • Built-in Loop detection and prevention to ensure overall network stability
  • Transmission distance up to 600 feet (RG59) / 800ft (RG6)
  • Plug and play
  • Rack-mountable with optional rack mount kit
  • Typical applications: IP camera CCTV system over coax and home network over coax

Dualcomm ECS1084 8-port 10/100Base-T Ethernet switch is invented to facilitate building an Ethernet network over coax cables. ECS1084 includes four RJ45 ports for use with regular twisted pair cables such as CAT5e cables and four BNC ports fur use with 75-ohm coax cables such as RG59 or RG6 coax cables.

ECS1084 has a built-in loop-prevention function that effectively prevents possible packet-looping from occurring which is inherent in some Ethernet-over-Coax networks due to signal reflections when a coax link is open or not terminated properly.  

ECS1804 can be flexibly used for two different use cases:

The first use case is to set up a wired full-duplex home network by reusing existing coax cables in a building such as a residential house. An ECS1804 is used as an Ethernet switch that provides up to four Ethernet connections over four coax cables.  The other end of each coax cable is connected with a DECA-100 Ethernet-over-Coax Adapter, to which a standard Ethernet device can be connected. Multiple ECS1084 units can be interlinked with each other or with a standard Ethernet switch via the RJ45 port of each ECS1084 unit. 

The second use case is to set up an IP camera-based CCTV system over coax cables. In such a system, an ECS1084 unit functions as a four-channel Ethernet-over-Coax converter, each of which includes an RJ45 port and the adjacent BNC port on the ECS1084 unit, and passes both Ethernet signals and PoE power.  The RJ45 port is connected to an external PoE switch or network video recorder (NVR), and the BNC port is connected to a DECA-200B PoE-over Coax Adapter over a coax cable, the DECA-200B adapter is further connected to a PoE-powered IP camera. As such, the IP camera can be powered by receiving PoE power from the PoE switch or NVR and be accessed via the ECS1094 unit. In such a use case, ECS1084 also functions as an Ethernet signal repeater for up to four Ethernet over coax connections.


 Model No  Description
ECS1084 ECS1084 switch unit only
ECS1084-K1 Includes one ECS1084 switch unit and four DECA-200B PoE-over-Coax Adapters. This kit is typical for use in a PoE-powered IP video camera system
ECS1084-K2 Includes one ECS1084 switch unit, four DECA-100 Ethernet-over-Coax Adapters, and four BNC-to-F adapters. This kit is typical for use in a home network over coax
ECS1084-K11 Includes one ECS1084-K1 kit and one rack-mount kit 


Includes two ECS1084-K1 kits and one rack-mount kit