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Gigabit Ethernet-over-Coax Transceiver
Fast Ethernet-over-Coax Transceiver

Long-Range and Multi-Drop Ethernet-over-Coax Adapter

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  • Enable long-distance transmission of Ethernet data over a coax cable
  • Transmission distance up to 2000 meters
  • True gigabit throughput (Model DECA-1000)
  • Support up to 8 nodes in a single network
  • Compatible with multi-drop cabling with CATV or coax cable splitters
  • Reuse existing in-building coax cabling to set up LAN over coax
  • Retrofit an analog video camera system to an IP camera system over existing coax cabling

The Ethernet-over-Coax (EoC) Transceiver (Model No. DECA-511 or DECA-1000) is designed to transmit Ethernet packet signals over a coax cable to 2,000 meters and also is capable of operating on multi-drop coax cabling structure with coax cable splitters.

DECA-511 is for use to run 100Base-T 100Mbps Ethernet over a coax cable.

DECA-1000 is for use to run 1000Base-T 1000Mbps Ethernet over a coax cable.

DECA-511 is recommended for use in setting up an IP video surveillance system that involves long-distance video transmission.

DECA-1000 is recommended for building a true gigabit-speed and low latency home network over existing coaxial cablings with coax cable splitters.  


 Model No.  Description
 DECA-511  100Mbps Ethernet-over-Coax Transceiver 
 DECA-1000  Gigabit Ethernet-over-Coax Transceiver