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GbE Network Bypass Switch and Tap
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10/100/1000Base-T GbE Network Bypass Switch/Tap

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  • 10/100/1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet Bypass switch
  • Include a Tap port for monitoring full-duplex inline traffic
  • Compatible with PoE. PoE pass-through between two inline ports
  • Support Link Fault Pass-Through
  • Low cost

    Dualcomm DBPS-4005 is a low-cost Ethernet Bypass switch for use with a 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet link. DBPS-4005 typically deployed together with a network security appliance such as an intrusion detection system (IDS) or an Intrusion prevention system (IPS).

    DBPS-4005 provides a built-in monitor port for capturing full-duplex inline traffic. As such, it can also be used as a network Tap.

    The two network ports of DBPS-4005 will fail over automatically to maintain link connectivity when DBPS-4005 loses power. As such, DBPS-4005 can be used for deployment in critical link paths in a network.

    When a link goes down on either network port of DBPS-4005, the link on the other network port of DBPS-4005 will go down automatically. This feature is usually desirable or required for high availability deployment to reduce the time for activating a redundant link path in a network.

    DBPS-4005 is compatible with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), which is capable of passing PoE inline power between two copper inline ports. As such a connected PoE powered device (e.g., a PoE IP phone) can still receive the inline power from its PoE capable link partner such as a PoE switch.


     Model No.  Description
     DBPS-4005  10/100/1000Base-T GbE Network Bypass Switch/Tap