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Front View: ETAP-PI Raspberry Pi Network TAP Appliance
Rear View: ETAP-PI Raspberry Pi Network TAP Appliance
Block Diagram of ETAP-PI Raspberry Pi Network TAP Appliance

Raspberry Pi Network TAP Appliance

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Dualcomm Raspberry Pi Network TAP Appliance (Model ETAP-PI) is a compact portable gigabit (10/100/1000Base-T) Network TAP Appliance that integrates a Raspberry Pi 4 module and a network TAP module into one device. It offers a cost-effective solution for remotely or locally monitoring network traffic of small office sites. 

When an ETAP-PI Network TAP Appliance is installed as an inline device between two network nodes, it captures the bi-directional traffic running between the two network nodes and sends the captured traffic to the Raspberry Pi module that is then processed by the network monitoring/security software installed on the Raspberry Pi module.

ETAP-PI provides an external LAN port for accessing "headlessly" the Raspberry Pi module for configurations and software installations. It can also be used by the Raspberry Pi module to access the Internet so that the ETAP-PI Network TAP Appliance can be remotely accessed.  

The external LAN port can also become a monitor port that outputs a copy of captured inline traffic that runs through the two network ports A and B. As such, ETAP-PI can be used as a standalone 10/100/1000 gigabit Network TAP. To enable the monitoring function of the external LAN port, a software program running on the Raspberry Pi module is required to forward the captured traffic it receives to the external monitor port.

ETAP-PI implements a pushbutton and an associated LED indicator to graceful shut down the Raspberry Pi module before the DC input power can be unplugged. This is necessary to avoid possible data or file corruption on the SD Micro Card of the Raspberry Pi Module.

A second pushbutton and two bi-color LED indicators are implemented as a user-defined interface that can be defined and programmed by software.

ETAP-PI is also implemented with a temperature-controlled cooling fan. The cooling fan will start running when the temperature of the Raspberry Pi module reaches a user-defined temperature level (65°C is the default temperature threshold).

The pushbuttons, the three LEDs, and the cooling fan are all wired to a selected set of GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi module.  

ETAP-PI supports dual DC power inputs to be capable of achieving higher system availability.


 Model No.  Description

Network TAP Appliance integrated with a Raspberry Pi 4 module (8GB RAM and 64GB Micro SD Card)