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Dualcomm SFP/SFP+ Ethernet Transceivers

Dualcomm SFP/SFP+ Ethernet Transceivers

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The following SFP and SFP+ Ethernet Transceivers are recommended for use with Dualcomm Network TAP and Media Converter.


 Model No.  Description
 DPM-10G-SR-01  SFP+, 10GBase-SR, 850nm, MMF, 300m.
 DPM-10G-LR-01  SFP+, 10GBase-LR, 1310nm, SMF, 10Km.
 DPM-10G-T-30  SFP+, 10GBase-T, RJ45, CAT6E, 30m.
 DPM-1G-SX-01  SFP,  1000Base-SX, 850nm, MMF, 550m.
 DPM-1G-TA-01  SFP,  10/100/1000Base-T, RJ45, CAT5E, 100m.
 DPM-1G-T-01  SFP,  1000Base-T, RJ45, CAT5E, 100m.
 DPM-100M-FX-01  SFP,  100Base-FX, 1310nm, MMF, 2Km.
 DPM-100M-T-01  SFP,  100Base-TX, RJ45, CAT5E, 100m.