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Image of 1-to-3 Network Regeneration Tap - 1
Image of 1-to-3 Gigabit Network Regeneration Tap
Image of 1-to-3 10/100Base-T Ethernet Network Regeneration Tap - 1
1-to-3 Network Regeneration Tap - Front View
Traffic Diagram of Ethernet Network Regeneration Tap
1-to-3 Network Regeneration TAP

1-to-3 Network Regeneration TAP

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  • Network Regeneration TAP with three monitor ports
  • USB powered
  • Compatible with PoE with PoE pass-through between two inline ports
  • Models available for 10/100Base-T or 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet link

Dualcomm ETAP-1105/ETAP-2105 is a Network Regeneration TAP with three (3) monitor ports, each monitor port outputs an identical copy of captured full-duplex Ethernet traffic running between two inline ports. This portable network TAP is ideal for network monitoring and troubleshooting when there are more than one monitoring tools are needed to operate on the same copy of captured inline traffic.

ETAP-1105/ETAP-2105 is compatible with "Power over Ethernet" (PoE) with so that deployment of an ETAP-1105/ETAP-2105 Network TAP would not block the end-to-end flow of PoE inline power, which is a very useful feature for monitoring or capturing data traffic of a PoE Ethernet link.

ETAP-1105/ETAP-2105 can be conveniently powered by USB power from a USB host such as a computer.

Model ETAP-1105 is for use with a 10/100Base-T Ethernet link and model ETAP-2105 is for use with a 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet link.



 Model No.  Description
 ETAP-1105  1-to-3 10/100Base-T Network Regeneration TAP
 ETAP-2105  1-to-3 10/100/1000Base-T Network Regeneration TAP