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Ethernet-over-Coax Adapter Kit
Ethernet-over-Coax Adapter Kit
Ethernet-over-Coax Adapter Kit

Ethernet-over-Coax Adapter Kit

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  • Enable transmission of Ethernet data over a coaxial cable
  • Compatible with 10/100Base-T Ethernet
  • Transmission distance up to 800ft (RG6) / 600ft (RG59)
  • Cost-effective solution to reuse existing coax cabling for transmitting IP camera security videos
  • Cost-effective solution to reuse existing unused coax cabling to build a wired 100Mbps home network
  • Plug & Play. No power is required
  • Small size and lightweight
  • Compatible with point-to-point or home-run cabling only.

    The first product of Dualcomm Ethernet-over-Coax solution that is built on the company's patent-pending inventions, DECA-100 10/100Base-T Ethernet-over-Coax (EoC) Adapter Kit enables transmission of full-duplex 10/100Base-T Ethernet data over a coaxial cable of up to 240 meters (800 feet).
    DECA-100 EoC kit includes two identical passive EoC adapters. By adding one such EoC adapter at each end of a coax cable, an Ethernet connection over the coax cable is easily established for connecting two network devices.
    DECA-100 EoC kit provides a very cost-effective solution for migrating an analog video security surveillance system to an IP camera-based video security system. IP camera is the state of art for today's video security surveillance systems which usually require completely new cabling using twisted pair based network cables such as CAT5E cables. By using Dualcomm DECA-100 EoC kit, an IP camera security system can be quickly set up by reusing the existing coax cables of an analog video system. The savings in labor and material costs by not having to install new network cables are always significant.
    Similarly, DECA-100 EoC Kit can also be used to set up a home LAN over the coax cabling in a house with true 100Mbps speed and reliable coverage much superior to wireless (Wi-Fi) connections. Especially, as television service providers are delivering television programming by IPTV technology, the coax cabling inside houses and buildings will be left unused as the coax cablings are originally used for distributing analog CATV signals. As the result, these unused coax cablings can be used to set up a LAN over coax with DECA-100 EoC kits.  


     Model No.  Description
     DECA-100  Ethernet-over-Coax Adapter Kit (twin-pack, 2pcs/kit)